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The CMMI’s primary objective is to establish the Charlotte Mannya-Maxeke African Girls School of Excellence (AGSE). This vision includes the building of a modern, state-of-the-art, educational, cultural, sports and boarding facility that will, through its high standards, be considered as one of the premier science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) educational institutions in the world.

Mme Charlotte had a burning, lifelong desire to be educated at the highest level; to reach her fullest potential; to excel and surpass her white counterparts within a drastically unequal society; and to contribute to the liberation of her people. The vision of establishing a prestigious girl’s school, the Charlotte Mannya-Maxeke African Girls School of Excellence, takes its form from her internationalism and desire to produce young South African women who have special and rare skills, and who will play and compete at global level in sciences, the business and legal field, sports and drama, and many other spheres.

It is a natural fit that through her legacy we are able to create an environment for young women to excel within. Her history and legacy talks to some of the very same challenges we face as a continent, and can serve to inspire the current generation of youth, especially young girls, not just to walk her walk and talk her talk but try to emulate her life by representing what she stood for, what she fought for and believed in. Her legacy includes encouraging them to live life to its fullest, to dream big, and to reach their full potential in whatever they pursue.

We place special emphasis on young girls with the potential to excel and who stem from remote as well as previously disadvantage areas of our country.  A fully-fledged AGSE will operate within the same league as other prestigious girl’s institutions like St Andrews for Girls, St Mary’s School, the Oprah Winfrey Girls School and many other high-profile institutions that support excellence in women.

We have identified a potential location for the AGSE and have actively begun raising funds in order to secure the premises, establish the services and infrastructure, and to commence the roll out of our construction programme. We envisage this secondary school growing with its learners, year-on-year.