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In addition to our fundraising to assist initiatives that the CMMI supports, we also host fundraising events that raise sponsorship and money towards achieving the vision of the Charlotte Mannya-Maxeke African Girls School of Excellence (AGSE).

Mother of all golf days

Mme Charlotte was a trail blazer who believed in the potential of black women and men. She believed in education and broke barriers during a difficult period in history.

Our annual Mother of All Golf Days honours all mothers of revolution. We seek to acknowledge and honour female icons, particularly Africans, and their various inputs to the country, continent and world, through our various programmes, including our fundraiser. This golf day is about highlighting revolutions begun by women in their respective fields. We also wish to honour women who were the first in their respective fields and who shattered the glass ceiling in male-dominated industries.

Sanitary pad initiative

We have submitted a funding proposal to the Tirisano Trust that supports the establishment of a community cooperative that will produce and distribute a variety of sanitary pads to previously disadvantaged communities and schools.